How do I place a bet?

Dude, there’s like three buttons. You can figure it out.

How do I make friends?

Get out there and mingle a bit. Throw some bets out to the community or take some bets from strangers. If you like them, add them as friends through their profile pages. Either way, invite your buddies to join you on BroThrow.

How do I make a bet only available to my friends and groups?

Scared of swimming in the ocean? No problem. Just select “Private” in the last step of the open a bet flow and your wager can only be taken by confirmed friends or people in mutual groups. Don’t be afraid to dip a toe in the community pool and meet some new people. You can see some user history on profile pages to help you gauge how reliable people are.

How often should I settle up?

When do you close out a bar tab? At the end of the night when it’s due. BroThrow operates on a daily cadence—the “My Balances” page makes it easy to keep track of your up/down amounts by user by day. You don’t owe BroThrow anything, but out of courtesy we ask that when you’re down for the day, settle up by noon the following day. It’s just the right way to do business.

What happens if settlement hasn't happened by noon?

Take a deep breath. Relax. Add up all the juice you've saved. If someone hasn’t settled up by noon the following day, there’s occasionally a good reason. First, send a request. If you’ve already done that, nudge him with a reminder. If that doesn’t work, put him on blast in the comments section. BroThrow operates on the honor system, so we can't be the payment police. However, let us know about it through info@brothrow.com.

What happens to someone that welches on a bet?

If a user is ultimately unresponsive, we’ll suspend him. Suspended users lose access to BroThrow and all outstanding, accepted, and in-action wagers are immediately cancelled (affected users are also notified). We also reserve the right to share the offending user's contact information with complainants so that they can connect.

How does someone get un-suspended?

To get out of timeout, the user who filed the dispute has to confirm with us that the suspended user settled up. Once that happens, we’ll release him back into the wild. However, we reserve the right to permanently suspend anyone at any time.

What happens if a game is cancelled or postponed and I have an accepted bet on it?

We try and pattern our rules after Vegas, when they’re fair. If a game is cancelled or postponed, all bets are off.

What happens when I block a user?

Someone take a little too long to settle up for your liking? Maybe you’re just impatient. Either way, you can block members to prevent them from taking your community bets.

I accidentally made a bet and someone took it...

That sucks, but to be fair, you did type in a 4-digit pin and confirm the bet.

Wait. Nobody took my bet. What the…?

You might want to check and see if you would’ve won before you throw a fit. Odds are, you’re a terrible handicapper like the rest of us and actually saved some dough by not finding a taker. The more friends you invite, the more likely your bets are to be taken—so get out there and recruit!