How do I place a bet?

Dude, there’s like three buttons. You can figure it out. If not, check out our "How To" playlist on YouTube.

Who should I bet with?

We recommend betting with your friends and acquaintances. If you're just starting out, diversify your opponents by betting in smaller increments and accepting bets from a mix of people in the community. Once you have a good experience, add them as a friend. Build your network by inviting your friends to sign up!

How do I make a bet only available to my network?

When creating a bet, toggle from "Public" to "Private" in the last step of the bet creation process and the bet will only be visible to your friends and group mates.

How often should I settle up?

When do you close out a bar tab? At the end of the night when it’s due. BroThrow operates on a daily cadence—the Balance Sheet makes it easy to account for your profits and losses by opponent by day. Out of courtesy we ask that you settle up by 12:00 PM (central time) the following day. It’s just the right way to do business.

What happens if someone is late to settle up?

First, look at all the savings you've accumulated (conspicuously located under your username in the main menu). Next, send a payment request. If that doesn’t work, file a payment dispute from the Balance Sheet after 12:00 PM (central time) and our customer service team will help out.

What happens to someone that doesn't settle up?

If a user is ultimately unresponsive, we’ll suspend the account (and any affiliated accounts) and follow the dispute resolution process outlined in our Terms of Service. Suspended users lose access to BroThrow immediately.

How does someone get un-suspended?

To get out of timeout, the user who filed the dispute has to confirm with us that the suspended user settled up. Once that happens, we’ll release them back into the wild. However, we reserve the right to permanently ban anyone at any time for any reason.

What happens if a game is cancelled or postponed and I have an accepted bet on it?

We try and pattern our rules after Vegas, when they’re fair. Check out our rules page to see all the possibilities.

What happens when I block a user?

Someone take a little too long to settle up for your liking? Feel free to block users you don’t want to bet with. Blocking will prevent them from seeing and taking your bets.

I accidentally made a bet and someone took it...

That sucks, but to be fair, you did type in a 4-digit pin and confirm the bet.

Wait. Nobody took my bet. What the…?

You might want to check and see if you would’ve won before you throw a fit. Odds are, you’re a terrible handicapper like the rest of us and actually saved some dough by not finding a taker. The more friends you invite, the more likely your bets are to be taken—so get out there and recruit (and earn referral cash)!

What's your refund policy for BroThrow subscriptions?

BroThrow PRO and PRO+ subscribers may cancel their subscription at any time, for any reason. By default, the subscriptions, and all benefits associated with them, will terminate immediately upon cancellation. Refunds are only granted if requested within 24 hours of initiating a subscription. To request a refund, send an email to info@brothrow.com with "Refund Request" in the subject line with your full name, the amount of the refund you are requesting, and the reason for your refund request in the body of the email. This process may take up to 14 business days for review.